Delivery Invoicing — Electronic or Paper — in One System

The utilization of electronic invoicing follows customer adoption curve, so businesses can start gaining efficiencies and reducing costs immediately. This CTP Solutions electronic invoicing solution allows companies to send electronic and paper invoices to small and large customers instantly, eliminatingRead more ►

Account Receivables Growing Rapidly

Problem Handing these accounts off to a collection agency worried this company for a number of reasons. We were concerned with the high collection agency fees and the risk of a decrease in the account receivable value. We were alsoRead more ►

Electronic Invoicing by FAX/Email/Paper

Any effective solution for restructuring paper invoicing into electronic invoicing requires the ability to deliver invoices by fax, email and USPS mail. Additionally, the electronic invoicing solution must include automated archiving which provides access to billing information for customer service,Read more ►

Accounting Receivables Services

CTP Solutions provides intelligent account receivables services which are based on our vast industry experience from an educated understanding of your needs. We combine technology and experience to provide customers with fast, accurate and dependable solutions that are flexible andRead more ►

Mail Preparation Management

CTP Solutions was contracted to imprint 20,000 separate checks, vouchers, letter and statements, then fold, insert, meter, and mail them. To achieve this at a reduced cost from prior years, CTP Solutions had to automate the process, to enable effectiveRead more ►

e-Cash Flow Cycle Management

E-Cash flow cycle management enables advanced technology to reduce costs associated with billing customers while improving customer service and satisfaction. The system delivers PDF statements as interactive email attachments which directly link to customer support, previous statements, and payment portal.Read more ►