It’s no great secret that business is extremely competitive. As you deliver services and distribute your products or manufacture utilizing best practices, you spend time and money on R&D, training staff, advertising and quality control. Yet when it comes to managing AR, some companies don’t approach it with the same commitment and creativity. At CTP, we turn the AR function into a business process  that will help you improve cash flow, save time, money and improve quality and flexibility. By outsourcing your Accounts Receivable to CTP, you will collect more, and you’ll collect it faster.

We offer a full range of electronic billing solutions and traditional Print and Mail billing solutions designed to generate faster payments, improved collection rates, easier processing, increased cash flow while minimizing your customer support communications.

Our Payment Processing offers several online and automated payment features: credit card payments with real-time authorization, e-check payments, email bill delivery and phone (IVR) payments. When it comes to collections, we offer a flexible and complete collection service that starts early in the payment process. Our system alerts us before a particular customer turns into a collection problem, allowing you to reclaim potentially lost revenue before it becomes a problem and strengthening your relationship with that customer.

For companies looking to cut the expense of warehousing documents, our secure electronic document digital archive eliminates the need for warehouse space to store massive amounts of paper or micro-fiche. You have access to all your documents online or we can provide you with CDs to your specs.

B2B & B2C Billing

We offer a flexible suite of billing services that integrates print and electronic statements, secure online billing, Interactive PDF billing (IPDF),  consolidated billing, traditional payment methods and electronic payment options to provide a powerful suite of billing and payment solutions.

Our distinct combination of services will enhance the billing process of virtually any business by strengthening your billing cycle, improving customer satisfaction and helping you to get paid faster.

The movement towards more electronic billing and payment processes continues to gain momentum. Could your billing cycle benefit from a flexible suite of solutions that integrates print and electronic statements, secure online billing, traditional payment methods, lock box technology and electronic payment options?

It’s important to your customers that their statements are easy to understand. Now you can easily give your customers a clear, concise picture of their payment status and responsibilities while encouraging prompt payment.

The time and collection opportunities lost to inefficient billing and payment processes can hurt your bottom line. We offer ways to make your billing more accurate and efficient

The reporting of payment activity is critical to measure collection performance. We provide a 360 degree view of all payment activity allowing the ability to track, audit and control collections.

If a customer has a billing question, your staff should be able to address any inquiry quickly and efficiently. We’ll make sure your staff can instantly access any customer’s billing information 24/7, from any computer. You can also utilize IPDF technology to create online chat, clear payment methods and video instructions. With CTP as your business partner, you can dramatically increase your available resources so you can focus on the growth of your core business.

And CTP keeps you on the cutting edge with new technologies.

One of the most unique and compelling offerings in the CTP Solutions Portfolio is, Interactive PDF documents (iPDFs) that empower our clients to directly interact with their customers using electronic versions of their own customer-facing documents such as monthly statements, invoices and bills. Starting with the original print content for these documents, we convert them into fully interactive electronic documents complete with intuitive navigation controls and tailored to the unique profile of each individual customer.

Our iPDFs simplify and streamline your interactions with your customers while at the same time creating a platform for targeted offers and self-help functionality that results in decreased print and mail costs, improved efficiencies in customer service as well as opportunities for increasing revenue through Targeted Cross Marketing.

Continue reading or contact a CTP rep to learn more about how our various solutions can turn your A/R efforts into a more efficient and flexible cash flow department.

Optimization for Accounts Receivable


From generation and management to tracking and distribution, we can help print and mail or send invoices and statements electronically.

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