E-Cash flow cycle management enables advanced technology to reduce costs associated with billing customers while improving customer service and satisfaction. The system delivers PDF statements as interactive email attachments which directly link to customer support, previous statements, and payment portal. This paperless billing solution quickly and inexpensively collects more payments than paper-based statements or self-service payment portals. The CTP Solutions system empowers customer interaction with CRM targeted content, videos, rich media while tracking and recording all interaction.

Create Variable Data Full Color Billing Statements Delivered By Print, Portal, Email and Mobile


Clean, Intuitive Design Helps Users Understand, Not Just Read Data

CTP Solutions E-Cash flow cycle management makes it easier for customers to understand their statements, find answers to billing-related questions and quickly make payments. Our interactive statements do more than just put billing information on a document; our statement design is customer-centric. Using strategically placed color and a clean design, billing statements are transformed into a communication piece that speaks the same language as your customers. It’s easy to put words and financial information on a page, but unless that information is understood, it’s just data, not telling the story you want to tell.





Lowers Customer Call Volume providing interactive Self-Service

One major advantage of CTP Solutions E-Cash flow cycle management is that it makes it easy for users to find the information they need. Our solution isn’t just a static attachment. We provide rich, dynamic media such as audio and video and can link to virtually limitless resources and web pages. By packaging all of the relevant information into one tidy package, it makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and dramatically reduces your call volume. Plus, it’s not a “one size fits all” offering. You can actually embed different content for recipients based on demographics, current balance, tenure, previous purchases, and any other data held in the customer file.

Billing Document Interactive Features


Increases Payment Probability

CTP Solutions Platform makes the payment process a lot simpler too. Self-service payment portals often require users to drill down into your website demanding multiple clicks to find the actual payment page. CTP Solutions E-Cash flow cycle management prominently displays the Pay Now link within several areas of the interactive statement guiding users directly to your payment site in just one click, virtually instantaneously.

Target Past-Due Accounts with Advanced Reporting Analytics

With CTP Solutions E-Cash flow cycle management, clients can increase probability of receiving payments by monitoring open and click-through reports and comparing that with balances due. Clients can schedule duplicate interactive attachments if billing documents are not opened within a specific time-period and send secondary notices customized to include a more urgent payment request. Basically, it takes a team you’d otherwise have to employ for past-due collections and automates the process for more timely and accurate follow-up.


  • Delivers billing statements as interactive, media-rich email attachments
  • Customizes targeted content based on your business rules
  • Embeds video, audio, and hyperlinks to multiple web pages
  • Offers advanced reporting capabilities to track delivery, open and click-through metrics
  • Encrypts data
  • Distributes reminder email attachments that can be scheduled for past-due balances
  • Actively delivers statements to customers instead of passively requesting them to retrieve it via your payment portal
  • Provides one more opportunity to get your statement in front of your customer


  • Allows you to directly interact with customers by delivering targeted content that encourages a specific response
  • Improves the customer experience by packaging content into an easy to understand format
  • Reduces costly customer service inquiries over the phone since information is packaged into a concise attachment which can link to external resources for additional help
  • Saves money by eliminating print and mail costs, it’s just a fraction of what you might pay for traditional statement printing and mailing
  • Simplifies record keeping for customers since the email attachments can be saved to their computer or simply filed away in an email folder
  • Protects sensitive information since the customer’s personal data is protected, even if their computer is lost or stolen
  • Accelerates receivables since electronic attachments can be delivered in a second compared to several days for mailed statements
  • Accelerates payment since recipients can get to your payment portal in just one click
  • Complements existing payment portals

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