CTP Solutions provides intelligent account receivables services which are based on our vast industry experience from an educated understanding of your needs. We combine technology and experience to provide customers with fast, accurate and dependable solutions that are flexible and cost efficient. CTP’s innovative accounts receivable team tackles your complex business problems to find and provide the best alternative which will add value to your bottom line. Our goal is to provide service that matches your needs while making your company more profitable.

All businesses must leverage their resources and extract the most value possible from any capital outlay. For CTP to be a productive partner, it is important that we fully comprehend your current business processes. That is why we invest time up front to understand your needs so we can create the most reliable and effective solution.

CTP Solutions’ has the experience, expertise, and knowledge to deliver superior accounting outsourcing services that will improve the performance of your business and reduce cost. We offer multiple methods to accelerate utilizing of outsource services that will save your company money and time. The core services that we offer include:

  • Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentation and Payment (EBPP & EIPP)
  • Effective Statement and Invoice Systems
  • Print and Mail
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Document Archive for your Bills, Invoices & Statements
  • Collections
  • Remittance and Payment Processing
  • Green Environment Solutions

There are a number reason why you should outsource to CTP:

  • CTP will increase the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of your company
  • We improve your bottom line by reduce costs, and improving efficiency
  • Our professional staff will work with you to improve your operation
  • We will introduce and implement electronic innovations

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We’d like to learn more about you, your company and your business requirements and to share with you how CTP is meeting the requirements of our current customers. That starts with a conversation which begins with making contact. Or a phone call 888-624-5786.

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