Electronic Document Archiving is critical when it comes to all communications surrounding invoices and payment. Our secure digital archive eliminates the need for warehouse space to store massive amounts of paper or microfiche. You have access to all your documents online or we can provide you with CDs to your specs.

CTP Digital Archive provides options for viewing and retrieving indexed billing files from your desktop, 24/7. It enables you to respond quickly to billing queries, encourages faster payments and reduces document storage costs.

  • Display and retrieve documents 24/7 from your browser
  • Print, mail or email documents to customers on-demand
  • Improve record storage efficiency


The CTP MetaArchive delivers to our clients an innovative, high-performance, real-time, electronic document compression and storage capability. The MetaArchive provides clients an archive solution that significantly reduces document storage requirements by as much as 1/20th to 1/80th of industry standard storage sizes.

The MetaArchive stores the instructions for assembling documents as read-only data and then recomposes them on-demand in less than a second by combining the assembly instructions with the exact data and images stored for a specific document. This innovative approach means that layout formats and image files are only stored once and then repeatedly referenced, thereby requiring significantly less storage space.

Key Features:

  • Seamless integration
  • Custom integration easily accomplished through web service calls
  • User friendly interfaces
  • Low storage footprint
  • High-volume capacity
  • Sub-second response times
  • Variable document data stored as compressed normalized XML
  • XML formatted data easily converts to virtually any electronic file format
  • Deployable as a standalone solution or integrated with other CRM applications
  • Archives Targeted Cross Marketing (TCM) images and rules data used to render the original document

Document Archive for your Bills and Statements

Whether your company’s customers are consumers (B2C) and/or businesses (B2B), access to your billing documents with all necessary supporting documents. Our proven “intelligent” archive system provides 24/7 access to all billing documents as well as a full menu of customer service functionality for answering questions and resolving related disputes quickly.

Benefits for Document Archive

Our “Intelligent” archive solution provides secure functionality including Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and integrates into your existing legacy financial systems. We offer:

  • Simple Processing:The solution creates online documents from the information you send to your printer. No additional software is required on your system and any standard print format is supported.
  • Mirror Imaging: Proprietary technology is used to insure that the online document is a mirror image of the printed document, easily viewed online via Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  • Powerful Search Capabilities: Timely access to online documents is provided via up to four search indexes (data fields) that meet your specific business requirements. Additional indexing is available as an option.
  • Easy Viewing and Printing: Standard document viewer available on any computer and any browser is used. The document reader provides on demand reprinting at any location or e-mail to any location.
  • Permanent Storage:Permanent storage is offered by converting documents, for which online access is no longer required, to CDs. Archival CDs can be easily searched.
  • Advanced Security Technology: Access control that supports strong authentication and browser encryption is included. Access control can also be configured to smoothly integrate into existing access control systems.
  • Rapid Implementation: Implementation typically requires little change to your current system. Setup is completed quickly with minimal impact on your IT resources.
  • Full Electronic Presentation & Payment Capability: Document Archive combines our electronic delivery and lockbox, it creates an advanced Electronic Presentment and Payment System (EBPP).

External Applications


  • Quick access to documents in the archive.
  • Reduces agent training requirements.
  • Easy to implement in both browser and client-server applications.

eArchive Document Service is the fastest, most efficient Internet document viewing and archival system available today. Using advanced online technologies, eArchive builds a valuable repository of bills, claims, frequently referenced documents, and documents required to be archived by law.

Imagine improving document management services without adding expensive hardware or software to your current system. eArchive gives you the power of the fastest, most efficient Internet document viewing and archiving at a remarkably low cost.

Optimization for Accounts Receivable


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