CTP Online Payment is a customer facing application that provides comprehensive and secure online billing and payment management. Our solution facilitates faster collection of outstanding balances, improved cash flow and reduced billing costs, all with less effort and paperwork.

  • Provides customers the ability to view statements and pay bills online
  • Allows 24/7 access to account status and payment options
  • Can help accelerate and increase collections
  • Can assist in reducing customer support calls
  • Increases billing data accuracy

CTP Merchant Processing

Increase efficiency and simplify reconciliation.

CTP Merchant Processing is a secure and reliable debit and credit card processing solution that seamlessly integrates with CTP Consumer Billing and Payment Solutions to increase efficiencies and simplify reconciliation.

  • Processes transactions for the most widely used credit and debit card brands
  • Easily reconcile consumer credit and debit card payments with comprehensive, custom reporting
  • Provides detailed and summary level transaction data in daily, weekly or monthly intervals

Check Printing Services

Drive costs down while enhancing quality and security.

Time and labor, materials, equipment, supplies and space to store and operate print functions are critical cost factors in the decision to outsource your check printing. CTP check printing offers the opportunity to drive these costs down while enhancing the quality and security necessary to produce residual, rebate, refund and AP.

CTP offers customized check processing for  AP,Rebate,Refund and Residual checks through a module-driven process in which every step is tracked, documented and reconciled during each print run. Each check is electronically balanced, measured against a manifest, and checked for excellence in MICR quality.

CTP’s check printing process also includes the necessary steps for secure Residual Check processing. CTP can accommodate anywhere from one to 100+ pages for residual checks and statements. The process includes generation and production of multiple documents in line, digitally printing both the statement and the check,if needed.

Finally, each check can be viewed and approved electronically prior to printing through CTP’s online web portal

By evaluating each check process as a critical portion of your accounting department, CTP can add value through:

  • Quick turn-around times and accurate printing
  • Cost reduction by eliminating manual processes
  • Reduction/elimination of bank rejects through improved MICR quality
  • End to end solutions with integrated production facilities
  • Industry Leading Document Composition Tool: HP Exstream and Crawford Transformer Technology
  • CTP’s Integrated Document Management Facility (IDMF) — Quality Control throughout the process
  • Presort postage savings
  • Address correction and standardization

National Print & Mail Facilities

We offer six secure facilities providing print & mail services:

  • Los Angeles, CA: 40,000 sq. ft.
  • Phoenix, AZ: 18,000 sq. ft.
  • Houston, TX: 27,000 sq. ft.
  • Des Moines, IA: 80,000 sq. ft.
  • Livonia, MI: 76,000 sq. ft.
  • Farmingdale, NY: 29,252 sq. ft.

Vendor Portal

Our Vendor Portal provides a single point of entry to allow our clients’ suppliers to view document status and allows them to participate in both the submission and correction processes. Vendors can self-register within the system or if preferred, registration can be managed by our clients. Registration  becomes a part of an approval process and your vendors can provide payment-related information as part of their profile. Payment will be managed in both a paper and electronic format. Once approved, a vendor can then submit invoices electronically through the portal. Individual document status can be queried for any document.

Disbursement Options

Disbursements for approved invoices and expense reports can be done by ACH transfer or check printing and mailing.  Check printing and mailing options can be done using pressure sealed checks or traditional three fold check and remittance pages.  All outbound items are sorted using a pre-sort line to reduce the postage costs.

Optimization for Accounts Payable


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