Imagine reducing your Accounts Payable processing expense without capital investment while gaining better control over the entire process. When you outsource the functions of your A/P department to us, that’s exactly what happens.
We can help you manage imaging, electronic invoicing and PO Matching. And we can integrate with any number of accounting systems. As a result, you can eliminate internal manual and/or email workflow approval processing, long-term hardware and software contracts for printers and supplies and you can take advantage of CTP’s dedicated, secure systems to handle it for you, with more reliability and faster turnaround.
Our accounts payable solution can reduce the costs of AP processing by up to 40% while providing data for Spend Analysis. We provide your business with imaging and workflow to better manage your days payable outstanding (DPO) and enable you to realize early payment discounts by processing your account payable invoices faster. Our superior accuracy eliminates exceptions caused by data entry errors, and our vendor portal saves our clients an average of 20% in departmental labor expense by allowing their vendors to perform self-service inquiries of invoice and payment status
CTP’s proven and innovative solutions will put your department back to work on the business instead of managing mountains of paper. For more information read on, or contact us now to learn how.
Making vendor payments is simple and direct with CTP. You send us a batch or daily payment file to process, print and mail for you. We print checks based on your business requirements and mail them, or utilize a range of electronic payment options. You pay only for what you process.

Electronic Control

Based on your business rules, we provide you with a web-based control panel that lets you monitor your entire operation in any way you see fit. We integrate with your system electronically through file exchanges. Our system provides granular control access based on user authorization roles..

Back Office Control

Our solutions are geared toward helping you improve the operations of your financial back office Our program is capable of scanning and storing documents, bridging and interfacing with numerous accounting systems, ensuring controls are met, automatically merging and error-checking data, ability to filter out duplicate invoices, monitoring A/P spend on an individual vendor basis.

Tax and Business Regulation Compliance

CTP works with national accounting firms and corporations themselves to provide comprehensive tax payment processing for sales and use tax, property tax, telecom tax and business regulation and license fees. We handle these payments and provide you with online monitoring tools, allowing you to work collaboratively with your internal accounting group, treasury group or CPA firm.

Vendor Portal & Electronic Invoicing

Our Vendor Portal provides a single point of entry to allow our clients’ suppliers to view document status. Vendors can self-register within the system or if preferred, registration can be managed by our clients.
This vendor portal includes a ‘supplier snapshot’ dashboard displaying summary data and status for:

  • Invoices approval status
  • Credit/Debit memos
  • Payments completed

This allows your suppliers to validate document content and understand where invoices are in the AP process and reduce our clients’ vendor support services costs.

CTP Manages It All

By transferring your labor-intensive mail room administration functions to CTP we can leverage a network of 30+ North American operating centers to process all inbound invoices within established turnaround times and quality levels—guaranteed.
We are available to review, assess and identify solutions and best practices that can improve your AP process. Contact us today to see how we can streamline your AP operations.

Optimization for Accounts Payable:


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