CTP Solutions was contracted to imprint 20,000 separate checks, vouchers, letter and statements, then fold, insert, meter, and mail them. To achieve this at a reduced cost from prior years, CTP Solutions had to automate the process, to enable effective imprint, match and mail.

Once a year, royalty payments are made to musicians whose music is utilized in motion pictures, television, low budget and independent films. This annual distribution to musicians is $73,118,975.

Each package consists of:

  • Imprinting Annual Distribution Check or Voucher Form
  • Imprint Administrator Letter
  • Imprint Statements (sheets vary, duplex, variable printing)
  • Imprint, fold and insert into Envelopes #10 double windows with security tint.
  • Meter and Mail the 20,000 pieces


  1. CTP Solutions saved the customer 45.8% on the base cost of the package with an additional 23.3% by utilizing a #10 envelope instead of the 9 x 12 envelopes used in the past.
  2. The adoption of the #10 envelope also saved a significant amount in the postage cost.
  3. CTP Solutions secured check stock that added additional security features while costing 60% less.
  4. The printed statement sent to each musician could be single or multiple sheets determined by the number of credits a musician was to receive. CTP Solutions recommended duplex sheets, which saved the customer 61.4% on the cost per sheet.
  5. All packages were completed and mailed out within 1 month.


CTP Solutions and the client held a review meeting after the project was completed and after all the musicians had received their packages. The client was very pleased with CTP Solutions service, overall cost savings, and performance. The meeting addressed issues that had occurred during the project and how to resolve for future distributions.

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