Our Bill Payment solution is configurable to meet the needs of your business. Your customers can easily make scheduled, one-time, future dated or recurring bill payments via PCI compliant channels that include web, mobile, IVR, kiosk, cash, agent-assisted, API or POS with account validation logic and real-time payment visibility.

Our payments technology stack platform features the latest technology and integrates with any biller system and requires minimal client IT resources to implement. Depending on the level of customization required, we offer three types of bill pay options.

Online Bill Payment Technologies

URL Pass

  • URL Hand-off to the Payments Site
  • Full redirect from your site to the Payments Site (same browser/tab or separate)
  • Cleanest model from a PCI exposure perspective
  • Option to pass data via form-post or query string (e.g., billing account number)
  • Branding and formatting flexibility

Inline Frame

  • IFrame embedded within Your Site
  • Increased PCI exposure; all components must be secure (https)
  • Option to form-post or pass query string in the IFrame URL (e.g., billing account number)
  • Branding and formatting flexibility

Partial or Full API

  • API Calls from within your Site to API Layer(s)
  • Your full site driven with API calls to prescribed CWP Business Functions
  • Potentially full PCI exposure if card data entered/passed through your site
  • Complete control of UI and flow

All of our integrations get access to a broad base of business rules to connect data with your own customer management systems. For example, payment history can be queried and presented within your internal customer agent software. Additionally, statement PDF’s can be pulled from your archive and presented to your customers on your website.

More Bill Pay Options

IVR Tools

  • Consumer direct dial or transfer from client’s customer service
  • API’s embedded in your IVR stream or transfer to our IVR
  • Validation of account credentials; summary presentment
  • eCheck account validations to minimize ACH Admin Returns

Totally configurable and rules based:

  • Pay Now
  • Schedule for a future date
  • Minimums, maximums, velocities
  • Remember Me features

In Person Payments

Retail Cash Payments

  • Universal barcode per consumer
  • Barcode generation and Interactive Map
  • 7-11, Dollar General, Family Dollar, GameStop, CVS, & Walmart support


  • Indoor and outdoor options
  • Designed specifically for needs of Utilities with > 98% uptime
  • 15 million transactions per year [Cash, eCheck, Check, Credit/Debit]
  • Real-time integration for payment services
  • $0.00 upfront cost as low as 500 transactions/m

Point of Sale

  • Integrated POS offering for lobby/landfill transactions
  • EMV and Swipe supported
  • Core Payments and Reconciliation Model

Bill Payments Overview

With every implementation we include services and tools to make managing customer payments easier and more efficient for your customer service and accounting teams. Proprietary payment systems and billing account validation logic reduce administrative errors lowering costs and friction.

Tools that convert paper notices to electronic channels to reduce past due payments by delivering time critical alerts and reminders

A Client Portal that provides real-time access to all available payment activity to your customer service agents, improving the customer experience

Treasury Management services that save your AR department time and resources :

  • Daily management of your customers’ payments
  • Simplified and accelerated settlement – single, consolidated daily settlement deposit
  • In-flight chargeback and exception management
  • Value-added reporting & simplified reconciliation

Optimization for Accounts Receivable


Are past due accounts diluting your resources and costing you customers? We can help with that.

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