Working with CTP and our various HR/Payroll solutions is the most efficient way to manage your most valuable assets, your employees. We offer an online HR information solution that will have a positive impact on your profitability by automating all of your critical HR functions.

Important employee data includes: compensation, benefits, contract/work histories, performance reviews, training documentation, certifications, and security clearance status is stored in a central database that is available to HR, managers, and employees via the Internet. Access to employee information enables immediate responses to government, management, and employee requests for information and reports.

We offer Best in Class web based Application Tracking, On Boarding, Paperless Pay, Benefit Enrollment, Admin, and Compliance Resources that on average will bring you an 80% reduction in cost. Many of our packages can result in even greater savings. Our solutions provide year round, real time communication and data exchange between providers, employers and employees. Working with our partners we can integrate all benefits with one HR management tool. CTP provides seamless real time updates and will have you up and live within weeks. And it’s guaranteed to work.

We utilize a modular design to allow an employer to pick the area of additional support that is needed. Our architecture supports and enhances an employer’s existing legacy investments. We work with the employer, benefit consultant, insurance carriers and your vendors to determine which of our modules can help each situation without duplication of services or costs.

CTP does not use the traditional multiple systems and fees solution. Instead we:

  • Network with existing benefit programs, systems, and vendors by utilizing our proprietary system architecture to integrate multiple processes.
  • Enhance Employer’s existing vendors and legacy investments by integrating all healthcare solutions, management tools and supplemental products on one platform.
  • Reduce demands on internal IT and HR resources.
  • Follow Employer’s critical procedures to allow consistency and maintain compliant regulations on a yearly basis.
  • Customize “Communication Tools” Service Centers, Call Centers and Virtual Enrollment Advisors.
  • Offer alliance partners’ proprietary benefit programs and services.

Other key points to consider:

  • Drives direct cost take-out.
  • We are not industry specific.
  • Platform and process works in white collar or blue collar employee organizations.
  • Fewer errors in managing employee data and no double entry of data.
  • Not dependent on benefit technology from insurance carriers.
  • Integrating singularly with the Employer’s internal systems means HR, Payroll and Benefits all have the same data at the same time.
  • Supports communication to employees on subjects like consumerism, Health and Wellness, Disease Management, Health Assessment Tools are available to help employees become more self sufficient.

We are continually on the lookout for the latest advances in the management of HR responsibilities. Contact us today to see what’s new.

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