At CTP we work to empower organizations to streamline the talent acquisition process. We assist you in circulating open jobs to a variety of career portals, social media sites, staffing partners, and third party job boards, and we will leverage the power of Facebook to source and engage top talent. All with predictive analytics to help you maximize your recruiting budget. We can help you reduce your paperwork, automate and manage workflows, and tap into social communities to efficiently build your talent pool. We will enhance the hiring process as we centralize, brand, and automate communications with a CRM tool, while improving candidate engagement and employer brand presence. With CTP you will add science to the art of recruiting with our assessment center featuring thousands of tests from leading vendors.

When working with us you’ll see that hiring doesn’t stop when you leave your desk.

You can manage candidates on the go, engage top talent with one click, and offer mobile friendly job ads and career pages from anywhere. In fact you can manage all your external recruiters, receive proposals, negotiate terms, even make a hire from one place.

Lastly we will monitor reports like time to fill, EEO compliance, and cost per hire with reporting capabilities that are tailored to your recruiting process. With CTP at your side you will engage, communicate, and track candidates in one location to simplify and modernize how you hire and retain top talent.


We make the entire application process easier and faster than ever before.

Enrollment Capabilities

  • CTP supports multiple enrollment methods.
  • Our platform enrolls core, supplemental and voluntary products, regardless of restrictions from an employer.
  • We support five options of benefit communication and enrollment to control costs:
  • Option 1. Virtual Advisor Support
  • Option 2. Web Based Self Service
  • Option 3. Group Meetings
  • Option 4. Call Center
  • Option 5. 1-on-1 Training Meetings
  • Option 6. Any Combination

Virtual Advisor Support

  • CTP Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Virtual Support is a computer-generated character/video.
  • Our AI can be integrated into employers’ HR support and communications tools and open enrollment platforms.
  • Consistent, user-friendly messaging.
  • 24/7

Helps in multiple marketing areas

  • Pre-enrollment announcements and support.
  • Control or lower enrollment costs.
  • Consistent, user-friendly messaging.
  • Help qualify the employee for the call center.
  • 24/7 support.


Buried in new hire paperwork? We can help you get unburied with easy, web-based onboarding.

With CTP you can manage state and federal new hire forms, including I-9 and W-4 forms electronically to ensure accuracy, and get your new hires engaged faster.

Since the IRS requires new employees to fill out a W-4, organizations need a comprehensive solution to keep these forms on file for four years after an employee leaves in case the IRS requests them, and to determine the amount of tax to withhold from an employee’s pay check. We’ll not only store this data in a searchable format for quick reference, we allow W-4 forms to be updated easily online to reflect status changes of employees – whether they are getting married, changing the number of allowances, or having a child.

I-9 forms are also required by the IRS to verify a new employee’s eligibility to work in the United States. These forms have to be kept on file for three years after an employees’s hire date, or one year after they leave, whichever is longer. Organizations are not required to send I-9 forms to anyone, but they may be requested at a later date. Because of the very expensive penalties associated with each employee who does not have a valid I-9 form on file, organizations are rapidly realizing the need for document management solutions that protect an organization’s valuable assets while also saving time, money, and paper via a web-based solution.

Performance & Benefits Management

With CTP, benefits management is greatly simplified.

We streamline the process of managing, maintaining and reporting on all of your company’s benefits plans. Enhanced benefit management capabilities, support you in offering and tracking a variety of benefit plan options to meet the needs for your diverse employee base with ease. We will enhance benefit management by providing:

  • Rapid benefit start-up
  • Streamlined communication between benefits administration and payroll
  • Efficient benefit rollover, eliminating the need for manual entry

Optimization for HR and Payroll