From integration with your accounting system all the way through final archiving and reporting you’ll have peace of mind when you outsource the heavy lifting A/P functions to CTP.

Each step in the process can be tailored to your enterprise, from business rules for capturing, to approval routing, to reporting and tax compliance. Automated document lifecycle workflows reduce overhead, ensure privacy and increase accuracy by eliminating any variances in the way individual employees handle processes. This minimizes risks and ensures compliance with industry and government regulations. CTP’s automated workflows speed transaction processing by expediting and prioritizing business tasks electronically while identifying bottlenecks, enabling approvals by committees and distributing tasks. Automatic email notifications alert users of work in their user queue and users have search capabilities and advanced results sorting. We enable your organization to integrate documents and data from multiple systems and sources – including mail, email, or secure FT – to create a unified workflow with suppliers, partners, and customers. This reduces information silos and ensures that key individuals know the status of important processes.

Our proprietary platforms allow business rule workflows and apply routing and input rules for data integrity and validation to content originated from digitized paper documents and electronic information from external business partners. Our workflows also give you visibility into your processes, so you know exactly where things are and can manage your organization based on real-time information. Our unique data analytics use patterns to allow analysis of content and make forecasts and predictions based on various factors. We can even help you detect fraud, waste and abuse. Our automated workflows can deliver information back into your systems, facilitating business transactions and enabling you to make faster or more informed decisions.

Web-Based Workflow

CTP provides an AP workflow application for documents which have exceptions, or require routing for approval or general ledger coding. We also provide our proprietary software to our clients on a per transaction cost basis. Your AP workflow items travel the work path according to a predetermined route that is defined by your unique business rules. We define each client’s workflow process based on their specific, unique requirements. These requirements are gathered during the implementation design phase of our work with you. And we can also employ a standardized AP Workflow application. Delivering an even shorter timeline from deployment to revenue.

Optimization for Accounts Payable