Document Printing

We offer a complete line of printed documents and labels. From print on demand to document fulfillment, we produce business cards, envelopes, invoices, statements, collection letters, forms, thermal transfer ribbons, packaging, custom jumbo roll products, pressure seal, complex label kits and more. We work with various departments including accounting, marketing, sales and the warehouse.

By using the latest and most efficient equipment available today, we can provide you a competitive price, high quality and on-time deliveries. CTP has created many document and label programs that integrate all of your printing requirements. We have even developed online document  proofing and print order programs. We combine our flexible, high quality printing capabilities with our web enabled ordering programs giving you the ability to control the complete printing process. We will migrate your company from traditional printing processes to electronic and digital printing technologies.

Healthcare Workflow Technologies


CTP Solutions  Healthcare partners deliver a complete portfolio of billing technology-enabled solutions that support your back-office processes for healthcare payers and providers.

Our Partner’s solutions provide clients with a  comprehensive approach to services enabling fast and secure data management while delivering timely and accurate adjudication and payment.

With analytics and payment integrity solutions we can help you capture more revenue, prevent fraud, reduce overhead  and ensure compliance.

With our Partner’s assistance we connect  the payer and provider processes to deliver improved and quantified results. Our goal is to accelerate claims processing, streamline workflows,

improved data quality and cash flow, while enhancing  your Healthcare organization’s bottom line.


Healthcare Forms and Supplies


  • Add-a-Label
  • Backside Die Cut Labels
  • Blood Bag Labels
  • Chain of Custody Forms
  • Custom Labels
  • DriTac Cards
  • EMT Tag
  • Form-n-Envelope
  • Integrated Cards
  • Integrated Form/Label Combinations
  • Integrated Magnets
  • Joined Web
  • LaserBand
  • Layered Plastic Cards & Carriers
  • Medical Flow Sheets
  • Medical Mount Sheets
  • Patient Charge Labels
  • Patient Sign-In Forms
  • Pharmacy Label Printing Programs
  • Plastic Spin Wheels
  • Pocket Forms
  • Pressure Seal
  • RealCard
  • Secure Laser and Pressure Seal Checks
  • Table Talkers
  • Thermal Transfer/Direct Thermal Labels
  • VIP 30 Card
  • Secure Rx Pads and Laser Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Promotional items

Document Management and Distribution

From Document Analysis to Management to Web Enabled Ordering

Printing your documents, in most cases, is easy. It’s the post processing of documents where the difficulty begins. With our document management program we will evaluate your current document processes while assessing your needs. CTP will redesign your documents for process improvements. CTP will help implement your document into your current process while utilizing our document management programs. With our document management program we will look to eliminate or minimize the number of pre-printed forms and combine similar forms for reduction in expenses. To help you have access to real-time ordering and inventory status we can provide you with web enabled proofing and ordering capabilities.

Electronic Documents and Forms

CTP is a leader in helping businesses create and distribute their documents electronically. Our professionals will consult with you and then find the electronic solution that fits your budget:

  • Electronic Forms: Using a Document Server, electronic forms can be generated to a global network of digital destinations such as the Web, e-mail, fax voice and PDA.
  • Document and Imaging Solutions: CTP can also provide hardware and software, customize integration and support services, document, imaging and conversion, and apply hosting and Internet service.

To change from paper, or inefficient automated workflow processing systems, the most comprehensive solution is a cost effective, high performance Document Server. It’s an end-to-end management system complete with tracking, version control, audit trail and routing capabilities. It can be integrated throughout your organization and is ideal for automating HR, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Finance. A Document Server from CTP is ideal for facilitating electronic form manipulation and distribution. Let a CTP professional discuss the benefits of the complete electronic workflow forms solution with you.

CTP’s complete electronic forms solution has a range of benefits:

  • Automated, Web-enabled business process
  • Comprehensive e-form design
  • Fill, save and print functionality
  • Ability to email, route and track e-forms and work with the Internet, Intranets and Extranets
  • Elimination of duplicate efforts and errors
  • E-forms and functionality centralization
  • No printing, storage and distribution costs
  • Reduction in labor, administrative, maintenance and deployment costs
  • Internal and external service improvements
  • Facilitation of approval, routing, tracking and reporting processes
  • Documents and Imaging

Hardware and Software Solutions

  • We’re authorized resellers of document capture and management software.
  • We offer high-speed document scanners, scanner control cards, storage solutions and complete imaging workstations.
  • We represent companies like Kodak, Fujitsu, Ricoh, Panasonic, Bell & Howell, Canon, Kofax, IMR, prevalent Software, Summation, Doculex, Cardiff and TMS Sequoia.

Customized Integration and Support Solutions:

  • Custom programming and system integration services.
  • Product training and technical support services.
  • Service availability by telephone, Internet and on-site visits.

Document Imaging and Conversion Solutions

  • Document preparation, including pickup and delivery.
  • On-site and in-house scanning, indexing and output to CD-ROM and/or Web-based databases.
  • Microfilm conversion.
  • Image processing.
  • Electronic Bates numbering, Image endorsement.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • Database design.

Application Hosting and Internet Solutions

  • Scan-2-Web
  • Centralized document and file storage
  • Secure document access through Web browser
  • Advanced search and retrieval capabilities by key word or full text.

We securely host more than ten million client document images and files. We provide a full range of document imaging solutions for legal, corporate and governmental entities.

Document Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehousing and distribution network has a 98.8% on-time delivery rate for warehouse released orders. Our services range from full custom distribution to pick-pack services and are tailored to meet your specific requirements with speed and accuracy. What’s more, CTP serves the needs of multiple locations with no sacrifice of service levels.

The benefits are:

  • Completely or partial reduction of storeroom or warehouse expenses through just-in-time inventory methods.
  • Reduction or redirection of personnel currently used to maintain and distribute inventory.
  • Regaining of current space used for inventory.
  • Reduction of time and costs associated with assessing inventory value and allocating cost to various departments or locations.

CTP offers a wide variety of ways to requisition your forms and labels from inventory:

  • Internet/Web Enabled Ordering utilizing destop, tablet and mobile
  • Fax
  • Toll-free telephone
  • Mail
  • Email
  • In person/on-site

A digital and/or hard copy product catalog is provided for all requisitioners. The catalog lists products by product number and product description to make ordering easy.

Document Fulfillment

Pick and pack for internal business use (forms, docs, and office supplies) as well as customer-facing documents and packaging.

  • Print-on-Demand Ordering
  • Online Company Stores, both internal and customer-facing.
  • Full line of business print  and label requirements

CTP brings you over 30 years of Fulfillment & Direct Mail experience. Our clients include distribution, retail, food service & hotel chains, auto manufacturers, medical technology healthcare, colleges, hospitals and non-profits. We work directly with these clients or through their advertising or marketing agencies. We also partner with experts to offer specialized services in areas such as certification and recognition programs and employee benefits open enrollment.

Our services include:

Promotional Kit Assembly & Distribution

  • Package selection, design & procurement with protection & presentation in mind
  • Kit versioning & personalization per recipient profile
  • Cost effective shipping methods based on desired delivery & tracking objectives
  • East, Mid West and West Coast warehouse locations minimize freight cost & transit time

Web-based Order & Inventory Management Fulfillment Solution

  • Enter orders directly into custom web-cart or download from other systems or FTP sites
  • Multiple order payment options including credit card, monthly billing & no-charge
  • Real-time inventory management with on-demand inquiry & reporting
  • Automatic e-mail alerts with order and inventory status updates
  • Customize internet access levels based on user needs

Direct Mail Services

  • Design phase consultation to ensure desired postal classification and maximum discounts
  • Data handling including CASS certification, de-duping, NCOA & database cleanup
  • Personalization, variable data and hand-matching for creative custom programs
  • Collating, inserting, sealing, ink-jetting, sorting, tabbing & metering
  • One to one marketing
  • Custom kitting
  • Snap Pak Pressure Seal Mailers

Our Fulfillment Solution is the foundation of our Order Fulfillment & Inventory Management service. We provide a web-based software system that manages ongoing fulfillment programs for our clients. In addition to streamlining our internal fulfillment operation, its powerful online capabilities offer customized system access to our clients and their various constituents. Features include:

  • Real-time inventory management with on-demand inquiry and reporting
  • Multiple methods for receiving order information, including direct entry into our customizable web-cart, or downloads from other systems and FTP sites
  • Internet access adapted to different levels of users depending on what they need to see and do, such as corporate marketing, field personnel, franchisees, dealers, store managers and consumers
  • Multiple order payment options, including credit card & monthly billing
  • “Business rules” to limit what and how much can be ordered for each user level, and/or to require corporate authorization under certain conditions
  • Billing & cost recovery services, including invoice & statement generation, cash receipts posting and accounts receivable management
  • Detailed packing list with client logo produced for each order
  • Automatic e-mail alerts, each of which can be directed to multiple contacts, for:
    • “Order accepted”, “order approved” and “order shipped” including tracking via direct link to the UPS or FedEx website
    • “Inventory received” and “low stock” based on established re-order points

By bringing in CTP at the design stage of your mailing and we’ll make sure that you get the most from your direct mail budget, by informing you of your options, and ensuring that your mail piece meets USPS requirements. Our services and equipment include:

Design Phase Consultation

  • Qualify mail piece for desired postal classification
  • Maximize automation or machinable discounts

Data Handling

  • CASS certification, de-duping and NCOA
  • Database cleanup and maintenance
  • Personalization and variable data

Lettershop Services

  • Collating, inserting, sealing, ink-jetting, tabbing and metering
  • Sort, tie, bag, deliver and document per USPS requirements
  • Hand-matching and/or assembly for creative and complex custom programs

Lettershop Equipment

  • Inkjet Printers with high-speed base and dryer
  • 6-station Inserters (6×9 and letter sized envelopes)
  • 8-station Inserters (9×12 booklet envelopes)
  • Stamp Affixer, Tabber, Wafer Sealer, Cheshire Labeler
  • Poly-bag machines, Shrink-Wrap systems

Some of the projects we have handled recently for our clients’ include:

  • Employee Benefits Open Enrollment: Multi-version, personalized kits for 25,000 employees shipped to 300 regional offices.
  • Promotional Point-of-Purchase Collateral & Signage: Customized shipping carton and inserts to protect and display kit elements for 250 auto dealer and field personnel locations.
  • Hospital Information Packets: 5,000 kits of 12 SKU’s each assembled and delivered
  • Marketing Campaign: Over 400 kits averaging 40 SKU’s each customized per restaurant location profile
  • Training Certification: Produced personalized Certificate and cover letter to ship with size-specific apparel per monthly distribution file.
  • CD Kits: Periodic updates mailed to music library subscribers
  • “Meeting-in-a-Box”: Produced and distributed kits for luxury car company’s sales training course, including digital color printing.

Document Archiving

We store both printed and electronic documents for you.

With e-Archiving through CTP, you no longer need to keep massive paper files or awkward micro-fiche. Our e-archiving solution gives you complete access to all your documents either online, through a simple, highly functional web based customer support system; or with fully indexed CD archiving, tailored to suit your internal system requirements. What’s more you have unlimited 24 / 7 access to your documents. And because it’s based on Adobe’s free Reader 6 or 7 software, it’s simple and economical. The result is a solution that is functional, easy to use, totally accessible and very economical.

The positives of electronic archiving are many and varied. It maximizes valuable resources, saves floor space and eliminates microfiche supplies and proprietary reader software. It improves customer service, reprints statements on demand and supports fax demand and e-mail bills. It helps retain documents, solves data retention issues and preserves any printed document. Furthermore, CTP insures privacy and document sensitivity through authentication and access control systems.


Office & Copy Center Solutions

24-hour copies, delivered to your office. Any volume. Any time.

Looking for a proven copy center solution? One that can streamline processes and leverage industry best practices by optimizing your back office? We are the solution you’re looking for.

Our partners’ employees are fully screened, pre-qualified and trained to deliver real value, serving as an extension of your team. We collaborate with you to identify opportunities for process improvement and implement measurable operational efficiencies. Our flexible pricing models and wide range of outsourcing options helps you more effectively manage and grow your business.

Our services include:

  • Shuttle and Courier services
  • Supplies, Records and Mailroom Management
  • Reprographics services
  • Print/Copy center management
  • Onsite Scanning services
  • Oversized print jobs
  • Full color printing
  • Print on Demand services
  • Tape bound, Stitched and Perfect binding

For other specific print jobs, give us a call and see how CTP can help.

Optimization for Document and Label Management

Printing & Labeling

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