Like many of you, we have been following the recent data breach and facility closure announcements from Change Healthcare with great concern. As a leader in secure transactional printing, mailing, and billing services, we understand how critical it is to maintain robust data security and business continuity when processing confidential customer information. For those impacted by Change Healthcare’s breach, we want to extend our resources to help transition you to a secure, compliant billing communications platform without disruption to your operations or customer relationships.

Prioritizing Data Security
Protecting your customers’ personal and financial data is our highest priority. Our systems utilize the latest encryption, access controls, and monitoring technologies to prevent unauthorized access or misuse of data. We also maintain rigorous policies, employee training, and third-party audits to ensure security best practices.

Seamless Migration Process
We have extensive experience helping companies migrate their billing, statement printing, and mailing operations seamlessly. Our implementation teams will work closely with your staff to map your existing processes and transition all data securely to our compliant platform. This allows you to continue business as usual with no impacts to your billing cycles or customers.

State-of-the-Art Processing Facilities
Our nationwide network of secure, redundant production facilities ensures we can meet any print/mail volume requirements. All facilities are access-controlled and adhere to strict chain-of-custody protocols to safeguard your data at every stage of the process.

Dedicated Client Support
In addition to robust security and reliable operations, our customers rave about our accessible client support teams. We take a collaborative approach to continuously enhance efficiency, messaging, and deliverability, treating your communications as an extension of your brand.

As Change Healthcare winds down operations in St. Louis & Toledo, we stand ready to consult with you on a transition plan that protects your customers and mitigates disruption. Our team can provide quotes and implementation strategies tailored to your specific billing volumes and requirements.
Don’t take any chances with your business communications and customer data security. Reach out today to explore a partnership focused on confidentiality, compliance, and exceptional client service.


We’d like to learn more about you, your company and your business requirements and to share with you how CTP is meeting the requirements of our current customers. That starts with a conversation which begins with making contact. Or a phone call 888-624-5786.

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