A national healthcare provider’s back office personnel were having challenges in getting their Microsoft Excel program to meet and fit their requirements, specifically with parsing manually-created formatted Excel files. These files commonly contained metadata that seemed to be partially system-generated, as well as a “formatted” section, that looked like the client’s final SBC statements.
After analyzing these issues, CTP Solutions discovered that team members, who had manually created the formatted Excel files, had made errors at the time of input. In addition, further typos, inconsistent wording, and logical errors were being made during the process of working in the Excel documents.
In a fast and aggressive time period, CTP Solutions was able to resolve these complex issues by introducing the PDS Platform Import Process using CTP’s customized consulting and highly-effective best practices design approach. The PDS Process strictly monitors and validates the inbound data while creating a normalized model approach with declarative validation rules, declarative correct text business language, and meets the highly-constrained layout requirements for healthcare statement EOBs.
To resolve problems with the workflow, CTP configured the workflow process by introducing a human approval process and single-sign-on for the client’s staff that supports and tracks each stage of the process. Using proprietary software, a customized layout process was introduced which met the government mandates for the SBC. Additional benefits included multiple consistent output types, e-delivery, the option of future integration, and full file-flow automation.
While benefit definitions are very complex and can be a challenge to simplify in consumer-friendly terms, the PDS Process provided a winning recipe for normalizing complex data for healthcare statements and Enhanced EOBs.
This healthcare provider is just one of many companies that have benefited from CTP Solutions’ expertise. CTP Solutions is a nationally-based Business Process Optimization company that helps companies slash administrative overhead by electronically delivering invoices and statements. By adopting this process, paper billing systems that are outdated and expensive to operate can be minimized or completely eliminated while also reducing the DSO and other, sky-rocking financial expenses.
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