A national company in the staffing support industry had been printing most of their marketing materials in-house with limited internal capabilities, but when it came time to celebrate their 50th anniversary, they found themselves in a quandary. This required production beyond their range and capabilities for a more complicated job, so they began looking for a trusted provider of Full Color POD (print on demand) services.
What the company had in mind was to produce a large format, full color, 24” x 36” poster with fulfillment to celebrate their upcoming, significant anniversary. The poster would be framed with a Plexiglas cover and be shipped ready to hang and use immediately at their 200 offices across the country and outside the U.S. For this on demand job, the company sought the services of CTP Solutions, recognizing they could provide the experience, consistency, service, and capability for this significant task, plus future POD projects.
For the task at hand, CTP Solutions set up a system where each branch and division could send individual demands through online ordering directly to CTP’s corporate headquarters. The orders would be confirmed and acknowledged for style, quantity, shipping instructions, and contact information before going into print production. The poster would then be framed with the appropriate hardware and shipped to the ordering location in 48 – 72 hours.
This POD process enabled each individual office to order the pre-framed 50th anniversary poster, ready to be hung on the wall to celebrate their history. This particular snap frame provides a readiness for future campaigns and gives the Office Managers the option of ordering new posters, as needed, to place into the existing quality frame when it’s time to promote a new campaign.
In addition to benefitting from many efficiency and financial gains, this CTP customer now has a reliable source for it future POD projects and needs. The customer no longer has to worry about inventory, buying large quantities of posters, frames, or hardware. Through this improvement in their use of technology, this national staffing company is now enjoying a new level of success using POD for their marketing campaigns, as opposed to in-house production at over 200 individual offices.
CTP Solutions, a nationally-based Business Process Optimization company, helps companies slash administrative overhead by electronically delivering invoices, statements, and POD projects, among other operational efficiencies. By adopting more efficient and less costly processes and replacing outdated technology, paper billing systems that are outdated and expensive to operate can be minimized or completely eliminated while also reducing the DSO and other, sky-rocking financial expenses.
For a analysis of your company’s current printing and marketing requirements, please visit CTP Solutions at: jacks47.sg-host.com or contact Jack Schachtel, President, CTP Solutions at: (818) 597-1222 Ext. 304 / email: jschachtel@CTPsolutions.com.


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