CTP Solutions was tapped to develop a reliable and efficient process for statement printing and emailing of printed customer statements with accompanying scanned copies of signed field service work orders.

The company making the request performs maintenance on vehicles used in the waste and recycling industries from 60 service depots in the United States. The company’s customers required statements of charges to include a copy of the signed field work order as proof to receive payment.

The Old Process

2,200 field work orders were faxed daily to their central billing department. Each faxed work order was reprinted and sorted to create a statement of charges. Copies of the signed work orders were printed then attached to the invoice and all documents were manually stuffed and mailed. This billing procedure required seven employees, five to seven day business days to mail one weeks’ worth of invoices. The postage was not presorted and the system did not permit printing marketing messages on the front of the statements.

The New Process

CTP provided this solution- Company’s field service technicians using pre-print work order, when signed, documents were scanned and sent to a Central main server. Printed on each work order is a unique Work Order Number. Using OCR data extraction the CTP process retrieved the work order number and all pertinent billing information and created an invoice statement and parsed data to the Accounts Receivable system. This process produces a printed statement with copies of the signed work orders. The electronic archive can always be searched by Work Order Number or pertinent customer information. This enables reprinting, faxing or emailing of old statements and signed work orders. CTP’s solution prints the billing data containing a marketing message, copy of the original signed work orders, folds, insert and seal in a presorted postage envelope. The process has the additional capability to email the material instead of snail mail.