CTP provides a comprehensive solution that is proven in the Waste Industry. With over 25 years in business we have helped many companies in the waste industry to reduce costs and provide proven solutions that can quickly be implemented with the confidence that if changes are needed in the future for business process they can be made quickly.

CTP has specific functionality to help companies in the Waste Industry deal with consumers (B2C) and/or businesses (B2B). Solutions that can be implemented and provided for the Waste Industry are:

  • Print and Mail
  • Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentation and Payment (EBPP & EIPP)
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Document Archive for your Bills, Invoices & Statements
  • Collections
  • Remittance and Payment Processing
  • Green Environment Protection


Unhappy customers who were not receiving their bills on time or getting someone else’s bill. The waste company needed a more reliable process for their printing and mailing of monthly invoices.


CTP provided a responsive and dependable partner that provides numerous solutions for print and electronic billing. The pay-by phone solution allows this waste company to accept credit card payments by telephone at any of its branch locations with no charge to the customer. The payment is then processed with real-time verification and automatically uploaded to the waste company computer system. The result is always a reduction in manual labor and human error. Cash flow will also increase because payments are being made faster. Benefits to the waste company will only increase as more of their customers discover the ease of the pay-by-phone.

Waste company customers can set up automatic electronic payments by establishing certain rules that meet their needs. These rules might be the type of credit card to charge, the maximum amount that can be paid per month and the type of correspondence (such as e-mail) used to confirm payment.

With CTP our waste clients will be able to incorporate additional services when needed. For example, credit card reversals when a customer may have made an overpayment. Another capability is that branch outlets can preview their bills before they are sent. While the competition still relies on faxed samples to approve bills, CTP has been able to cut costs and time through electronic bill preview, providing a quicker turnaround.

As a mutually beneficial partnership, CTP provides new options to enhance their e-billing capabilities to their waste industry clients.