The Task

A Los Angeles plastic injection molding company requested a specialty printed label, to be designed, printed and delivered with a very short delivery time frame. The labels would be used to identify plastic trash containers which had already been delivered. Each trash container required sequential numbered identification labels before delivery was to be made to the residents in Portland, Oregon. Delivery time was limited and all labels had to match the container color and display sequential serial numbering. The labels durability had to match the trash container’s toughness since both would be exposed to sun, rain, cold, wind, dust, chemicals, abrasion, and general abuse.

CTP’s Solution

We recommended advanced screen printed technology utilizing UV inks, printed on a 2 millimeter white polyester label material and coated with a 1 millimeter clear lamination to protect the label material from the weather elements. A plastic container color sample was provided to ensure the screen printed label color would match the color of the plastic container the label was to be affixed.

After the material and process were approved by the client in Los Angeles, the samples were overnight delivered to our New York printing facility. We created a color proof for client approval in LA within two days. After approval, the labels were printed, numbered, laminated, sequential numbered and packaged and shipped within 48 hours. The completed labels were shipped from the New York facility using Next Day Air and arrived in Portland with more than enough time for the containers to be labeled and delivered.


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