CTP Solutions has invested a tremendous amount of energy and resources in creating a robust and technically sophisticated solution for Corporations to pay through our partner’s state-of-the-art facilities located in Burlington, Vermont; Fargo, North Dakota; and St. Louis, Missouri. We are confident that our repeated success having outsourced the print/mail function for more than 700 corporate payers combined with our commitment to moving the industry away from paper-based to an electronic delivery medium, make us ideally suited to continue to help our clients with outbound communication requirements today and to provide a strategy into the future.

Our strengths with regards to document print/mail services encompass high-volume printing and mailing of checks, invoices, remittance advice, EOBs, letters, bills, 1099, 1099HC, reports, and other miscellaneous outputs as required. To support print/mail outsourcing, we provide full web access and control through our Client Access System (a web API for information/document access), industry leading postal advantages, a unique provider mailing cooperative called USA, document image storage options, and electronic delivery of claims information and payment through our electronic payment solution.

With our Corporate and Healthcare-only focus, we offer the latest technological advancements in an attempt to make sure our clients have the best services available along with the most cost efficient processes. Over the last 15 years of offering this service to the Corporate and Healthcare marketplace, many of our offerings were industry firsts. Provided below are a few samples of the improvements we have implemented in our own print and mail facilities over the last several years to drive savings, improve service, and to enhance the working environment for our employees:

Transparency – Intelligent Mail

Prior to the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) mandate from the USPS, CTP Solutions
implemented a USPS mail tracking process that allows our clients to track mailings through the postal system. Clients have date and time information when the mail piece enters the delivery stream, each time the mail is handled by the USPS, through to the final postal delivery point.

Mail Consolidation

In 2003, CTP Solutions partners implemented a payer cooperative mail consolidation process, Healthpayers USA (HPUSA). HPUSA consolidates provider-destined deliverables from multiple clients and multiple files with the same address into a single package. This process has drastically reduced the postage and material costs and with over 700 participating payers, HPUSA has become the largest provider postage cooperative in the healthcare industry.

Targeted Postal Savings

CTP Solutions partners perform an internal opportunity and risk analysis with every new postage rate increase. In 2007, USPS raised the one ounce postage rate by $.026, however, reduced the two, three, and four ounce rates for letter-sized envelopes. CTP Solutions recognized this as an opportunity to transition three and four ounce flat envelopes to 6×9 envelopes, retro-fitted two inserters to target this package size, and achieved results of $1,600,000 in annual postage reduction.

Through HPUSA and other envelope mail consolidation technology, CTP Solutions partners has not only absorbed the cost of several postage increases over the last 8 years, but has actually reduced postage costs for our customers during the timeframe.

Data and Print Consolidation

In addition to consolidating documents to the same address, CTP Solutions has the ability within each client to aggregate data in order to consolidate multiple documents into a single document. This occurs only within each client but is able to cross multiple files, plan types as well as processing platforms. For example, a client will send daily or weekly Invoices, Checks or Explanation of Benefit (EOB) files for medical and dental claims. CTP Solutions partners suppress the print and displays the traditional images through the client hosted website for online viewing. At the end of the month, CTP Solutions partners aggregates all of the activity across the separate record sets and generates a single monthly statement to the recipient. This process drastically reduces print and postage costs, improves the branding of the client communication, and presents the recipient with a much more user-friendly statement.

Data Analytics and Messaging

CTP Solutions has clients that use extra white space on documents to provide custom messaging. Specifically, the EOB has traditionally been used as a financial document and not as a tool to provide clinical or cost control messaging. CTP Solutions applies analytics in real time to drive specific messaging at the customer or policyholder level in an effort to control the cost of the recipient.

CTP Solutions provides strategies to transition from traditional print and mail to an electronic delivery process. CTP Solutions focuses on a print elimination strategy which suppresses printed documents and emails a link directing the recipient to the payer hosted portal for online viewing. CTP Solutions transforms traditional paper check, invoices and remittance workflows into electronic transmissions. Both of these processes are examples where CTP Solutions provides efficiencies and savings while expediting the payment and communication process.

In summary, we are confident that CTP Solutions has a compelling advantage to offer our customers, including market leadership, financial strength, a strategy to drive electronic adoption, and the resources to make it happen, a highly cost efficient and technologically sophisticated solution proven by hundreds customers, and closely aligned goals that complement our customer’s current and future operations needs.


We’d like to learn more about you, your company and your business requirements and to share with you how CTP is meeting the requirements of our current customers. That starts with a conversation which begins with making contact. Or a phone call 888-624-5786.

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