After completing a haul of an inordinately large volume of paper trash, a prominent waste collection company decided to initiate their own “Green” initiative by eliminating their monthly paper billing and accompanying remittance process. The company had heard that electronic billing systems were more convenient and could also lower their costs, so they began to investigate their options.

At first, they looked at a variety of technological systems, but found them difficult to implement or too expensive to process. However, with CTP Solutions, they found a system that was easy for their customers to use and offered the capability of sending out invoices and receiving payments, electronically, while using their existing, online billing system.
CTP Solutions, a nationally-based Business Process Optimization company, offered them two different formats which would allow them to implement and customize their ability to accept credit cards and ACH payments online. These were:
1. Using an IVR telephone-based 24/7 payment system, or
2. Setting up an online system utilizing the waste hauler’s internet portal.
With both systems, customers could create and store multiple payment capabilities. Plus, each process was secure and complied with all security and PCI standards, thereby reducing the risk and liability to the customer and the waste hauler.

Both systems also offered a host of benefits for the waste hauler, including: online credit card and ACH payment processing options; Level III processing; reoccurring and one-time billing and payment; pay-by-phone IVR; electronic billing; accounting system integration; PCI compliance; reduction in print, paper, mailing and postage; increased cash-flow; and finally, a single-source integration point.

In the end, the waste hauler decided to implement CTP’s ePayments (Customized Convenient Electronic Billing). Implementation of the system took just 30 days, at which time, the waste hauler noticed an immediate improvement in cash-flow and internal cost reduction while also achieving their Green initiative. Their customers were happy too: they appreciated the Green initiative as well as having a modern, state-of-the-art, secure way to simplify payments.
More and more waste haulers are now working with their customers to adopt convenient electronic billing and ways to accept payments, electronically, with confidence and security.

CTP Solutions helps companies slash administrative overhead by electronically delivering invoices and statements. By adopting this process, paper billing systems that are outdated and expensive to operate can be minimized or completely eliminated while also reducing the DSO and other, sky-rocking financial expenses.

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