CTP provides a comprehensive solution that is proven in the Pharmaceutical Industry. With over 25 years in business we have helped many companies in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce cost and provide proven solutions that can quickly be implemented with the confidence that if changes are needed in the future for business process they can be made quickly.

CTP has specific functionality to help companies in the Pharmaceutical Industry deal with consumers (B2C) and/or businesses (B2B). Solutions that can be implemented and provided for the Pharmaceutical Industry are:

  • Print and Mail
  • Electronic Bill/Invoice Presentation and Payment (EBPP & EIPP)
  • Electronic Delivery
  • Document Archive for your Bills, Invoices & Statements
  • Collections
  • Remittance and Payment Processing
  • Green Environment Protection


Internal billing print/mail operations causing delays in producing bills (4-6 days average time required). Awkward design of documents caused confusion in reading detail accurately. Cost of 1st. Class Postage at full USPS rate – no discounts available.


Reviewed document design/layout with client and determined how key information should be displayed to make bills easily understood. Redesigned document layouts to present key information in a more logical and readable format. Added scan-able bank lockbox barcode to improve payment remittance process. Established FTP file transfer process to our production operations with no changes to client file format required. Reduced complete print/mail process to 48 hours guaranteed.


Reduced USPS 1st. Class postage rate by $0.074 per mail piece saving customer nearly $6,000 monthly in postage. Overall customer savings in materials, postage and internal operations costs exceeded $150,000.00 annually. An improvement in overall cash flows has resulted due to fewer billing disputes and faster bill delivery according to the client.