Benefit from invoices that utilize the latest technology to track results!

CTP Solutions is taking invoicing to the next level by offering companies the ability to target customers, one to one, with finely-tuned advertisements, messaging and offers where there once was only “white space.” Our Targeted Contact Manager (TCM Platform Solution) offers the ability to promote high-volume communications documents that many companies routinely use such as: loyalty programs, offers, and affinity advertising. By leveraging and selling the white space on their statements, documents, and other customer communication touch points to advertisers, affiliates, and partners, it creates ample opportunities to increase sales and/or revenue.
TCM Platform Offers a Multitude of Capabilities
With our TCM Platform in place, companies can e-deliver PDF documents, replace tired invoice formats with redesigned and beautified paper statements, receive confirmation of their electronic payments, and even track responses to ads by using the response button confirmation pages. In fact, the response buttons and confirmation pages also offer marketing capabilities for adding marketing impressions.
Overall, the TCM platform provides a virtually unlimited number of unique marketing offers for every page which you can choose based on your marketing rules and trigger points. Additionally, our optimization features allow you to:
• Track clicks on any given ad or promotion.
• Run multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously.
• Utilize URL embedment that leads to targeted websites.
• Offer QR Codes that can be scanned by recipients’ Smart Phones.
• Speak directly to your readers with our video messaging capability.
Our closed loop system offers the capability to monitor clicks on offers to easily measure any campaign’s success rate. By knowing what ads readers’ respond to, we can begin to understand what causes them to take action. In the electronic world in which we live, influence, clout and reach are becoming increasingly important.
While the challenge still exists on how to convert an advertisement into a sale, logic would indicate that the better the business intelligence, the more relevant we can make an ad or message and the higher the odds of attracting a prospect’s attention. We believe our TCM Platform is a step in the right direction to achieving that goal.
CTP Solutions, a nationally-based Business Process Optimization company, which helps companies slash administrative overhead by electronically delivering invoices and statements. By adopting new workflow processes and replacing outdated paper billing systems that are expensive to operate, CTP can be minimize or completely eliminate paper billing while also reducing the DSO and other, sky-rocking financial expenses.
For more information on the TCM Platform and onsert marketing, please visit: or contact CTP Solutions President Jack Schachtel: or 818-597-1222 (ext. 304).


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