From generation and management to tracking and delivery, we can help print and mail or send invoices and statements electronically.

Electronic Billing

You can further reduce your DSO by taking advantage of our full-featured electronic capabilities. Statement/invoice replication, electronic delivery of statements/invoices or eNotifications of such documents, one-time payments, electronic triggering of recurring payments, and more.

The benefits of billing electronically are clear. Faster payment. Improved collection rate. Easier processing. Better cash flow. Greatly reduced calls and customer support time. Best of all you can access the information from any computer, tablet or mobile device.

Interactive Billing (iPDF)

CTP Interactive Billing gets rid of the unnecessary costs associated with billing customers and extends your focus on customer satisfaction to the billing process too. Our solution delivers statements as interactive email attachments which directly link to your payment portal. CTP Interactive Billing helps your customers actually interact with targeted content, videos, rich media and other websites for a truly unique, dynamic online experience that will increase revenue and decrease call volume.

Clean, Intuitive Design Helps Users Understand, Not Just Read Data

Using strategically placed color and a clean design, billing statements are transformed into a communication piece that speaks the same language as your customers.

Lowers Call Volume with More Self-Service

By packaging all of the relevant information, into one tidy package, CTP Interactive Billing makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and dramatically reduce your call volume.

Increases Payment Probability with Fewer Clicks

CTP Interactive Billing prominently displays the “Pay Now” link within several areas of the interactive statement guiding users directly to your payment site in just one click, virtually instantaneously.


  • Delivers billing statements as interactive, media-rich email attachments
  • Customizes targeted content based on your business rules
  • Embeds video, audio and hyperlinks to multiple web pages
  • Offers advanced reporting capabilities to track delivery, open and click-through metrics
  • Provides one more opportunity to get your statement in front of your customer


  • Reduces costly customer service inquiries over the phone since information is packaged into a concise attachment which can link to external resources for additional help
  • Saves money by eliminating print and mail costs, it’s just a fraction of what you might pay for traditional statement printing and mailing
  • Accelerates receivables since electronic attachments can be delivered in a second compared to several days for mailed statements

Return on Investment

  • 6 to 9 month ROI
  • Reduces conventional print and mail costs by over 50%
  • Enhances customer experience and satisfaction with interactive features and capabilities
  • Provides direct access to most useful customer service functions through self-help response buttons
  • Reduces call volumes in your call centers
  • Leverages investments in portals through response buttons that link to portal locations
  • Frictionless Targeted Cross Marketing (TCM)
  • Unparalleled response management and measurement

Feel free to contact us for a demo of this revolutionary technology.

One-to-One Marketing

Targeted Messages and Advertisements

CTP provides a versatile solution for targeted messaging on high-volume electronic or paper documents. This platform enables the dynamic placement of micro-targeted messages and advertisements on outbound printed and electronic documents as well as interactive voice response (IVR) systems and customer service (CSR) popup message prompts.

We empower our clients to generate individually personalized statements with custom forms, messages and advertisements selected specifically for each customer based on business rules that can range from simple Boolean logic to highly complex optimization algorithms, regardless of volume.

Our solutions, therefore, not only enhances the customer experience and drives cost from the equation but they also introduce very powerful platforms that allow our customers to position themselves to capitalize on the shift taking place in the advertising industry to attract advertising dollars by electronically generating very targeted and specific advertising and brand impressions that allow people to act immediately through their electronic connection.

Key Features

  • Seamless integration
  • Granular customer keystroke tracking combined with robust click-through tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Intuitive GUI interface for client control of business rules, upload images, create or change messaging
  • Detailed reporting capabilities
  • Built-in workflow management tools and functionality
  • Fully integrated test harness


Traditional Print and Mail Billing

We print, fold, insert and mail your invoices and statements. Our software can automatically consolidate multiple invoices or statements as well as include your own inserts on a one to one customer basis in high speed full color. Each envelope is generated from the print using the latest USPS barcode technology to reduce mail delivery time, and we commingle first-class mail to reduce postal rates. As a core service, we offer the option of printing invoices and statements using soy inks on recycled paper.

Greater statement design flexibility

With this printing system, statement information such as standard legal disclaimers or letterhead design can be quickly updated to accommodate your needs. This added flexibility in statement design also provides cost savings by eliminating the additional fees for destroying unused preprinted paper stock.

Advanced print quality for razor sharp, vibrant consumer statements

Our IntelliJet Printing System prints full-color statements in a high resolution (1200×600 dpi resolution) which produces sharp logos and imagery with crystal clear text at a speed of 400-500 feet per minute. CTP can accommodate nearly any request for adding four-color printing to either side of the statement to produce eye-catching consumer statements and one to one marketing.

Accelerate customer payments with expedited insertion into the United States Postal Service® mailstream

CTP is able to get statements into the United States Postal Service® mailstream more quickly. Since the IntelliJet Printing System integrates with advanced presorting software and eliminates the need for preprinted forms, statement printing, processing and delivery is accelerated.

Closed loop processing for greater print and mail precision

The IntelliJet Printing System offers an unmatched level of system integrity and process control. A closed-loop workflow monitors the entire process from beginning to end, to help ensure statement accuracy. With this advanced printing system, you can also get peace of mind knowing your consumer statement printing and mailing can seamlessly continue to function with enhanced reliability using our secure network of redundant back-up servers.

Custom Document Design

Customers who are confused about their financial responsibilities are more likely to pick up the phone and call your billing department instead of picking up their pen to write a check for payment. Print and mail invoices and statements can reduce call volume and support fast payment when they are strategically designed customer statements.

Common reasons for this include:

  • Statements are hard to read.
  • Important information is difficult to distinguish.
  • Language used can be difficult to understand.

Statement Design

Our document design services expedite receivables cash flow by improving statement readability and accelerating delivery.

Statement design capabilities:

  • Improves readability which encourages payment.
  • Offers several statement templates to choose from.
  • Simplifies billing data by leveraging intelligent business rules defined by your organization.
  • Uses industry best practices to design statements that encourage prompt payment.
  • Full color document printing.

Other benefits of CTP Services:

  • Simplifies billing processes and streamlines staff workflows.
  • Finds and corrects address information before it enters the mail stream.
  • Accelerates customer delivery to improve cash flow.
  • Prints dynamic messaging to eliminate need for additional mailings.

Return Mail Manager

Eliminate return mail handling and correction.

The cost of undeliverable mail is expensive and can be a significant burden for your business. CTP Return Mail System saves time and speeds collections by eliminating 100% of your return mail handling. Instead of returning to your facility, all returned mail goes directly to our processing center where it is analyzed to find updated address and delivery information.

  • Provides detailed reporting on the status of each account
  • Improves efficiency by eliminating return mail handling at the facility level • Assists in speeding the collection process
  • Helps improve cash flow by identifying new addresses more quickly

Reduce, Eliminate and Improve Undeliverable Mail Processing

Undeliverable mail continues to be an operational and financial issue for most companies. Companies spend valuable resources and expense with postage, handling, processing, data entry, researching, errors and reissuing customer communications.

What was once considered solely an expense item, is now an opportunity for drastic change in customer contact, customer service, labor reduction, automation as well as significant improvements in operational expense and cash flow.

There are 1.4 billion pieces of undeliverable mail each year due to name and address issues. Almost 5 of every 100 pieces of mail are Undeliverable-As- Addressed and 76% are returned due to moves.

According to industry estimates, 120,000 people move every day, or 5,000 every hour.

Of these 120,000 movers, approximately 50% to 60% complete the Change of Address process with the USPS. The balance represents your lost customers that you must locate. Customers that do not receive their communication will not respond, pay, authorize or perform any other function if you cannot locate them. Suppressing or eliminating a customer from your database because of undeliverable mail can also reduce your revenue and net operating budget.

We give organizations access to the most comprehensive set of integrated solutions for automating returned mail processing and document workflow.

We’ve taken a different approach to market since inception, with the belief that no two customers have the same distinct business issues. We visited with thousands of potential customers over many years, and asked questions with regards to data, mail, operations, legacy platforms, customer service, billing, collections, marketing and overall complex business requirements.

Based on customer input, we then started mapping a total integrated solution, combining multiple traditional, labor intensive business processes. This approach has allowed us to better understand real customer requirements and complex issues, as well applying technology and integrated solutions to automate traditional business operations.

Improve deliverability on bad addresses.

Our process significantly improves the likelihood of finding the last known or updated address through advanced search capabilities. Our Address Management, Standardization and Search platform RMSLink improves update rates 30-80% beyond required address quality and move update solutions such as CASS/DPV, LACSLink, SUITELink and NCOALink.

Every single address has a disposition and is validated.

We provide a disposition on all addresses that are processed, including validation of all updated addresses.

Significant Cost Savings.

We can reduce operational expenses by up to 70%, by automating many manual processes in today’s solution architecture.

Convert any mailpiece to usable data.

We convert all physical mail, bar coded, non-bar coded, image based and multiple document formats to usable data. This allows for flexibility in any document workflow and mail processing environment.

Improve Accuracy on data entry.

Our proprietary software and internal automated business QC and QA functions ensure accuracy rates on data entry and document conversion, which is vastly different than manual data entry processes for undeliverable mail.

Virtual UAACloud for in-house control.

We can integrate directly into your in-house operation with our software, hardware and systems for managing undeliverable mail; including utilization of your staff, our Global resources, or a combination of both. This gives control, integrity and accuracy to any in-house managed mail operation.

Maintain Integrity for Auditing.

Our process drastically improves audit functions for undeliverable mail, by automating and integrating technology that tracks and accounts for each piece of mail throughout the returned mail process.

Integration without IT burden.

We’ve built our enterprise to integrate many different business functions required for capture, research and reissue of customer documents. This alleviates the burden from IT workload and allows us to focus on delivering resolution to core undeliverable mail and systems issues.

Proven technologies.

Our solutions have been in place for years and we are driving the market with new innovation. Our business solutions can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure. We are considered a market expert for undeliverable mail processing.

Shorten cycle time.

Our business processes are integrated and automated, therefore eliminating any backlog and drastically improving cycle time on undeliverable mail resolution from weeks to days.

Global resources.

We provide our own company data entry resources on-shore and through our multiple off- shore locations, giving flexibility and scalability to all requirements for data entry.

Our internal operations are data and facility secure, including on-site secure warehousing and time elapsed on-site secure document destruction.

Optimization for Accounts Receivable:


Our Payment Processing offers several online and automated payment features: credit card payments with real-time authorization, e-check payments, email bill delivery, and phone (IVR) payments. For remittance processing, we recommend a National LockBox Network that simplifies payment collection, routing payments from multiple locations into one account.

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