A pillow and cushion business based out of Southern California, with an additional location in Ohio, required Payroll Checks for both facilities that were four color process printed. While the customer was aware that full four color process checks were going to cost more to produce, upper management wanted their company logo to make an impression that was consistent with their branding and company image, even on something as small as a Payroll Check. Because both of the facilities have separate checks as well as separate payroll departments, the customer required two different checks to be manufactured. This specific logo was the company name with each letter being a different color.


Because the customer wanted to have the company name screened in one of the two background colors, instead of using a void pantograph background, CTP Solutions made the recommendation of using higher grade of security paper. In this case 24 lb. check secure paper stock featuring a true watermark was recommended. In addition the micro-printing on the two signature lines featured the customer name as well. On top of these features, the Padlock Icon and the “Original Document” backer were also used. To make the checks more secure against fraud, the MICR line was manufactured with bleed through the numbers.


Utilizing the variety of security features, as well as having the checks printed using the four color process method, we combined the work to one press run to save the client money. CTP Solutions demonstrated to upper management that we could keep the company brand and image intact while providing the payroll department with the required security features.

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