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CTP Solutions, a recognized leader of electronic bill presentment and payment applications, discusses how their innovative electronic bill delivery and payment systems are designed to help billers reduce the significant costs associated with the billing process as well as minimizing delinquency and past due accounts.
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Electronic billing presentation and payment solutions have significant differences for B2C (Business to Consumer) and B2B (Business to Business). With CTP's solutions you can handle the distinct differences for B2C and B2B and integrate easily into your billing/ERP solution.

Electronic Billing Presentation and Payment - EBPP (B2C) solution.
Our solution provides the ideal online consumer billing and customer service solution by streamlining payment collection processes, providing an additional communication channel for customers and enhancing customer service.

EBPP offers these powerful features:

  • Electronic replicas of paper invoices are created.
  • Separates electronic bill delivery from electronic bill payment.
  • Provides exact electronic replicas of paper bills delivered as email attachments.
  • Supports enrollments, customer preference records and access authentication.
  • Makes online payments as easy as sending an email.
  • Timely presentment of collection and reminder notices, delivered as secure electronic documents directly into the customer's inbox. Invoices can be livered as an attachment with a secure password or use a link in the email to login to look at their invoices.
  • Provide the option of if a customer can pay by credit card or only electronic check (ACH). This reduces the credit card costs.
  • Option to send additional reminders via mobile phone text messaging (SMS).
  • Stop Payment & Refund Payment capabilities
  • Check Intercept allows payments created in other Online Payment Applications (MasterCard RPPS Network TM) to be processed through our solution.
  • IVR and Point of Sale payment integration


Electronic Invoice Presentation and Payment - EIPP (B2B) solution.
from CTP slashes administrative overhead by reducing the cost of creating and delivering invoices and statements without adding expensive and complex software or hardware. Line-item commenting significantly reduces the time and difficulty involved with disputed Invoices, ensuring faster payment. Invoices paid electronically also reduces Days-Sales-Outstanding (DSO) and related financial expenses.

IPP offers these powerful features:

  • Including all the EBPP features
  • Electronic replicas of paper invoices can be grouped and delivered as single email attachments.
  • A broad variety of options enables payment of multiple invoices with a single transaction.
  • Line-item commenting gives your customers the ability to interactively question specific items from the online invoice, eliminating the potential for error associated with email and phone messages.
  • Ability for a centralized payment department to have visibility into all their branches and subsidiaries to pay many invoices with one payment.
  • Send additional reminders via mobile phone text messaging (SMS).


Leverage our Technology
Put the power of CTP/IPayX to work for you and reap the benefits of secure customer enrollment, instant data availability, payment capabilities for customers and customer service agents, interactive communications, extensive reporting mechanisms and exact transaction histories.

EBPP & EIPP benefits:

  • Accelerate cash flow - Electronic customer payments are faster than mail, significantly reducing DSO.
  • Reduce invoicing costs - Sending invoices electronically reduces printing and postage costs associated with mailing statements.
  • Reduce Payment Processing Costs - Payments made with our Online Billing Service - EBPP & EIPP can be applied automatically to your billing system, reducing the time and potential for error associated with manual posting.
  • Contain customer service costs - Easy-to-use online communications tools are available to both staff and customers, eliminating telephone tag and delayed payments often associated with disputed invoices.
  • Improve customer satisfaction - As business becomes increasingly competitive, your ability to respond more quickly and efficiently will enhance customer service and satisfaction, which are key differentiators for success.


Functionality Benefits:

  • Easy Integration No additional hardware or software is required for our Online Billing Service - EBPP & EIPP, and customers have no need to become familiar with new document formats.
  • A Total Invoicing Solution Online Billing Service - EBPP & EIPP includes the functions of eArchive Document Storage, eDelivery Courier and eLockbox Payments to form a complete Online Billing service.
  • Flexible Payment Options Customers can pay via automatic debit or credit card using multiple bank accounts to match their accounting requirements. Multiple invoices can be paid with a single payment transaction (EIPP Only).
  • Supplier Self-Service Support Online Billing Service - EBPP& EIPP enables customers to view their bills at your payment website, review what payments you have been received and applied, and ask billing questions online.
  • Online Document Access While standard online storage is one year, bills can also be maintained online indefinitely for an additional fee and can be quickly accessed by indexes you select during implementation.
  • Dispute Management (EIPP) This is an optional feature customers can use to initiate disputes directly from electronic invoices. It enables them to document potential errors and establishes an email link to communicate resolutions.


Document Outsourcing Cycle
Document Outsourcing Cycle

Step 1 - FTP your print file to CTP Solutions
Step 2 - Documents can be delivered via the USPS (Print and Mail), e-mail or fax (eDelivery)
Step 3 - Return Payment stubs can be formatted to scan on your Lockbox, internal check system or Online Payments <

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